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My Story

  My story starts with my kids.  They are the reason behind everything I do.  I am a stay at home mom who also runs a small in-home daycare.  I decided to stay home after my second child was born because I wanted to be available for whatever they needed me for.  I love my job as a childcare provider, but have been doing it since 2006 and frankly I was getting bored!  I thought about getting a job outside of the home.  I took one summer off then started looking for work.  The whole idea of it was terrifying to me!  I know moms work outside of the home everyday, and a lot of families thrive off of this.  But with the amount my husband works out of town and all the different activities the kids are in, me being home works best for us.  So I went back to childcare. Two years later (still loving my job and being home for my own kids), I became very bored again.   I really missed adults!     In the Fall of 2011, I came across Scentsy.  At that point I had never been to a party or even seen a warmer.  But something had attracted me to it.  I really liked candles and the way they made my house smell but having small kids and animals in the house, I didn't use them as often as I wanted to.  I was too nervous to have an open flame around!  I had heard about wickless options so I decided to have a Scentsy basket party.  For almost two weeks, I met up with friends and we talked about Scentsy and smelled samples and looked through books.  It was a great excuse to have coffee and chat!  A lot of my friends already knew quite a lot about the products and had warmers already.  They were all very interested in my party though.     I ended up earning quite a lot of stuff!  I could not believe how easy it was, and how much fun I had talking about it.  I thought to myself that I'd for sure have a party again when new stuff came out.  The more I thought about it, the more I loved it.  Having the scents in my house now, and giving some as gifts made me love the whole company even more!  Being a very shy person, I have never even considered joining a direct sales company.  Totally out of my comfort zone.  But the thing with Scentsy is, it really isn't something you have to sell, or push on people.  Most of my friends already knew all about it and loved it and the few people that didn't have it, were eager to learn more because they, like me, wanted to know what all the excitement was about.       I decided I wanted to learn more.  I emailed my then consultant (now my sponsor) and asked her if she already had a large team in the area.  She said she didn't so I said it was something I had been considering and if she was ever looking to expand to keep me in mind.  A couple weeks later she responded again with a 'HELP WANTED' message.  I was ecstatic, also very nervous and curious!  So I asked my husband what he thought of the whole idea.  I told him it was a product I really believed in and loved and something I really wanted to try out.  He said he would support me 100% as he could see the excitement I had!     I decided to wait until after Christmas to join so I could give more attention to my new business.  One week in, and one launch party later, and I was in love!  My friends all came to my launch party and really supported me.  I knew that this was a really good decision.  My husband even said he hadn't seen me that happy in a long time.    I have only been with Scentsy a short time, but I can't wait to see what the rest of my journey will bring!   **UPDATE** I decided to add to my Scentsy Story.  Tomorrow marks one year that I have been a Scentsy consultant.  What a difference a year makes!!  Not only has Scentsy helped me meet many new people and make many new friends and light a fire inside me that didn't exist before, Scentsy paid for my Christmas this year!  With only one major family income, we've always struggled around the holidays.  Everything worked out in the end, but it wasn't fun to juggle the finances and give gifts a plenty like we liked to do.  This year was a whole different story!  My November paycheque came in the first week of December and I was able to spoil everyone on my list!  No stress!   I can't wait to see what this next year will bring me, thank you Scentsy!       **UPDATE** Phew!!  What a year it's been!!  I just finished my second year as a Scentsy consultant and I am more sure than ever that this was one of the best choices I've ever made!  Scentsy not only paid for my family Christmas again, they are also sending me on a trip this year!  I earned this trip with a lot of hard work and I just cant wait!  I also experienced a double rank promotion this year. WHAT?!  Can this even get any better? You bet it can! Scentsy just announced it's newest trip incentive!  I love love love this company!  **UPDATE** Warm the heart, enliven the senses and inspire the soul! That's exactly what Scentsy does. Last week I traveled to St. Louis on an all expense paid trip from Scentsy. I earned the trip last winter with a lot of work and even more support from my friends, family, my team, and customers than I ever expected.  Scentsy has given me so many more things than a pay cheque and a free trip. I've met a lot of amazing people, many of which have turned into friends,  in the two and a half years I've been a consultant. I've gained a new level of self worth while totally stepping out of my comfort zone and doing things I never thought I could do.  I've found something I'm very passionate about and shared it with many people. It's not hard when it's something that I truly believe in and love.  Last week I listened to many great speakers, including John O'Leary - Rising Above. If you haven't heard of him I suggest you check him out. We were treated to two concerts, Sara Bareilles and Train were both amazing to watch, and a comedy night with Jim Gaffigan!  I've loved him for many years (and I totally pretended he was on stage for just me!)  I ate great food, received many gifts from Scentsy throughout the week, and had an absolute BLAST!   I was warmed by the love from the whole company and all the consultants, enlivened by the Scentsy Spirit I saw all week, and inspired by the may different stories that were shared. It was a trip of a lifetime and I can't wait to go back.  Please, if any of my little spiel here has made you think twice about things you'd like to accomplish let me know!  I want to share this with more people!   <!--endbody--> **UPDATE** I just returned from a weekend away to Scentsy Spring Sprint. All though this was my third Spring Sprint (a one day mini-convention to inspire and learn, and see new products!) it was the first time I was able to attend with some of my downline. Talk about a whole new experience! I felt so lucky to have these girls at my side, taking everything in with me! We had a great weekend together, including dining out and staying in a fancy hotel and so much fun! Memories were made, we were all inspired, and we can't even wait for what the next season holds for us all! I've been reflecting on my business since Sprint. It still gives me a (and this is silly) warm and fuzzy feeling three years later! No, I'm not at the top of the company. But I run my business the way I want, at my own speed. I have a great team that is full of support and potential and we are growing together.  Without Scensty, I don't know where I would be. It's more than just wax and warmers, this has really changed my life.  Oh, and in case you're wondering... yes. Scentsy did pay for my Christmas for the third year in a row! Also my monthly bill and my children's activies, and the business itself!